The emerging global knowledge based economy increasingly relies on the dissemination of information and know-how. Dynamic transformations of the living environment no longer only impact the local context. Current changes in our society call for collaborative teaching and learning environments that are able to anticipate the consequences of design decisions. The recognition of the role of analysis, simulation and transdisciplinarity in the design process is at the core of the ASK PhD. This doctoral program is dedicated to those who want to broaden their expertise using digital technologies applied to the built environment. The program will form independent researchers prepared to deal with the contemporary issues of the society of

The program covers the areas of information architecture, digital interfaces and simulation, sustainable design in the digital context and knowledge-based research in architecture and spatial design. At the same time, the program is constructed on a methodological and theoretical basis: scientific writing, research methods and research project management. The ASK PhD is designed to accommodate candidates who might not be able to have full residency at the WUT. The program is partially designed for distance learning.

Our vision of a contemporary architectural education is based on confronting our current social and cultural issues while taking full advantage of the new technologies of the society of knowledge. ASK reflects the architectural profession’s evolution coming from the 20th century’s space design moving towards the 21st century’s information processing design. ASK anticipates the architectural theory and practice. The program’s interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to reinforce the contemporary architect’s competence in answering crucial issues when facing globalization challenges.