Academic Regulations



Architecture for the Society of Knowledge

1. General regulations

  1. The Architecture for the Society of Knowledge doctoral studies within the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology, henceforth referred to as “ASK PhD”, were created by the decision of the Chancellor upon request from the Dean, after deliberation at the Faculty Council. The Faculty of Architecture offers doctoral studies in the fields of architecture and urbanism.
  2. The Faculty Council is responsible for overseeing the ASK PhD studies led by the Faculty of Architecture. In particular, the Council decides upon:
    • The curriculum, after requesting counsel from the department doctoral students’ self-governing body;
    • The regulations of the competitive entrance exam to the doctoral studies;
    • The specific principles governing the organization and conduct of the studies.
  3. The director of ASK PhD studies is tasked with coordinating the ongoing activities related to the conduct of ASK PhD studies at the department.

2. Admission to the program

  1. Recruitment for the ASK PhD studies is organized once a year in September.
  2. The maximum number of students admitted yearly to ASK PhD studies is 6.
  3. Applicants will be admitted, in the first cycle, to one of the following tracks of study:
    • Architecture and Urbanism for the Society of Knowledge
    • System, interdisciplinary approach to Architecture and Urbanism in the age of digital technology;
    • New tools for the preservation of cultural heritage.
  4. Students will be admitted to full time doctoral studies after passing an oral qualifying exam in front of the committee. Other factors influencing the admission decision are the applicant’s previous academic achievements, the quality of the applicant’s existing creative and scholarly portfolio and the precise articulation of future research projects, in particular:
    • The CV
    • The portfolio, showcasing achievements from second degree studies, including diploma projects; professional work – project designs, competition entries; scholarly publications, presentations given at conferences and seminars; articles and other writing; any other achievement related to the ASK academic profile and the applicant’s proposed area of research.
    • A 4-5 page long description of the doctoral thesis topic, which must have a clear intelligible structure, and present the proposed research topic in a concise and clear way, as well as describing the student’s original personal contribution to the field, discipline, specialty, in line with the scientific profile and research topic pursued during the ASK PhD doctoral studies. The description should include argumentation justifying the need for the proposed research topic, its contribution to the development of science, development of society and the possible practical applications.
    • Two reference letters
    • A confirmation of fluency in English
  5. Admission to doctoral studies is decided upon by the recruitment commission of the English language ASK PhD, which will be designated by the Dean.

3. Academic supervision

An applicant wishing to be admitted to doctoral studies at the WUT Faculty of Architecture must obtain approval from a faculty member of the Department who is eligible to supervise doctoral students.

4. The curriculum

  1. The ASK PhD studies are carried out in English, in person and with an option provided for on-line work.
  2. The ASK PhD studies last 4 years.
  3. The coursework load for the full program of study corresponds to 45 ECTS credits.
  4. The specific schedule of ASK PhD studies, determined by a resolution of the Faculty of Architecture Council on May 10, 2016, is presented in the Annex 1 table.

5. The organization of the studies and conditions for renewed registration

  1. To complete the doctoral studies, a student must have finished the entire program of doctoral studies and achieved the scientific title of doctor, as recognized by the Department Council.
  2. The doctoral student is required to full all obligatory coursework belonging to the following course groups: Methodology, ASK-Lab and ASK-Theory, according to the decision of the Faculty Council of May 10, 2016.
  3. The courses in the group Transferable/Interdisciplinary and Didactic Courses can be completed at other departments of the Warsaw University of Technology or in partner institutions, including foreign institutions.
  4. The student’s progress is monitored by the Scientific Council for ASK Doctoral Studies through the use of milestones verifying the progress a doctoral student has made towards the dissertation in seminar form:
    • After the first year, the doctoral student must present an introduction to the thesis, specifying the research question and methods employed, which must be accepted by the Academic Advisor and the Scientific Council of ASK PhD studies.
    • After the second year, the doctoral student must file a prospectus including the bibliography
    • By the end of the third year, the doctoral procedure must begin (following the decree of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of October 3, 2014 regarding the specific procedures and conditions for taking steps forward in the doctoral process, the habilitation process and the nomination to the rank of professor).
  5. The student must file the following documents in order to be admitted for the following year of study:
    • An opinion by the Academic Advisor regarding the state of progress on the student’s doctoral dissertation
    • Certification from the director of PhD studies that milestones described in 5.4 have been met
    • A form filled out by the student including a detailed description of the current state of research and scholarly and teaching activity, including activity carried out outside of the Faculty of Architecture.
  6. Should the conditions for the particular year of study (according to the curriculum) not be met, the student shall be dismissed from the program.
  7. Upon the student’s request, the length of studies may be extended, following the regulations detailed in the doctoral student handbook of the Warsaw University of Technology.
  8. All requests for extension of the length of study must be submitted in written form with the appropriate supporting documentation.

6. Tuition

  1. The object, principles and rates of tuition will be determined by Chancellor of the Warsaw University of Technology.
  2. The conditions for tuition remission are described by the resolution of the Warsaw University of Technology’s Senate.